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The PropaneProtocol 
Learn the process and blueprint that allowed us to "get abs lean while eating Haribo, cheesecake & Pringles"
For busy professionals looking to look great naked while eating foods they crave and living a life they love.
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What if I told you that getting as lean as you desire is a lot easier than what coaches & personal trainers would have you believe? 
For the past 4 years, we've both been able to maintain lean physiques, staying in better shape than we ever thought possible while paying barely any attention to our diet and training. 

We started our fitness journeys back in 2008 when the fitness world wasn't quite as confusing as it is now. 

Information wasn't anywhere near as available as it is today and we needed to trawl through scientific journals and boring websites to learn a carb from a protein. 

At the time, we were at University and so we had almost all the time we wanted to devote to fitness. 

We trained twice per day and followed meal plans that meant we were never seen without a tupperware. 

Slowly we made some progress...but we lost all sight of our social life at the same time. 

Food became fuel and nothing more. 

Alcohol was poison that we dare not touch. 

Nights out were a thing of the past. 

Between 2008 and 2015 we gave up nearly everything else in our lives (aside from fitness) in exchange for some very, very average results. 

What's interesting is that between 2015 and today, we've been able to get in the best shape of our lives while LITERALLY eating Haribo, cheesecake & Pringles. 

We're a medical student and chartered accountant who have been able to get and stay abs lean, build slabs of lean muscle and gain competition winning strength while living a life we love. 

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When Our Lives Changed...So Did Our Diet & Training Plans
Our initial approach for losing body fat was pretty simple. 

We'd cut out all sugar and carbs. 

All processed foods and junk. 

No more alcohol. 

We ONLY ate a handful of very basic, bland meals 6 times per day and made sure that we always had a meal ready to eat, wherever we went. 

Our training plan was also pretty simple. 

Every morning, before meal 1, was cardio. A 3 mile fast walk after taking a green tea supplement. 

Every evening was weights, 2 hours targeting a different bodypart every day. 

Then home, one more meal, shower and bed.


You'd think we'd be in amazing shape with something so extreme? 

Well...we weren't. 

Looking back now, it's obvious why. 

We were focussing everything on the details but missing the bigger picture and overlooking a few basic, crucial factors that create success. 

Over time we realised that not only was this approach wasn't working, it was no way to live our lives. 

We wanted to explore ways that allowed us to get in fantastic shape without the rigid plans and stress. 
Your own pocket personal trainer designed to help you look better naked while eating food you love and a lifestyle you enjoy by doing fewer things, better. 

The PropaneProtocol is an on demand service, available via an app on your desktop or mobile device to deliver you what you need, when you need it to succeed with your fitness journey. 
Ready To Start Your Own Transformation For Free?
Why Join The PropaneProtocol? 
  • Follow a diet and training program that is simple, no fuss and no clutter, just what works. 
  • Remove confusion and overwhelm, follow an approach that we've tested with over 2000 clients.
  •  Remove the doubt - let a professional guide you through a plan and process best for you. 
  • Get expert guidance from the Propane coaching team, your questions answered, when you need it.
  •  Benefit from a community of like-minded people and the accountability that brings. 
  •  This works no matter how experienced you are or aren't, all of our approaches are scalable to you. 
  •  Accessible from your mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere at anytime 
  •  Get access to £1000s of information and the structure, support and accountability you'd never be able to access from a personal trainer. 
2,000+ Clients, 7 Countries. 
Dramatic Results By Doing Fewer Things Better. 
Start Your Free 7 Day Experience And Get Access To...
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  •  A complete, comprehensive approach to sustainable and flexible nutrition that fits into your life. 
  •  Simple, easy to follow guides for setting up your weeks and days to make dieting enjoyable and effective. 
  •  Recipes, meal schedules and detailed plans for how to structure your diet around your lifestyle. 
  •  A toolbox of easy to use strategies for eating out, alcohol and managing work and family life. 
Regular Value: £135
  •  Select from a wide range of programmes to suit your needs, ability, tastes and preferences. 
  •  Detailed guidance of how to use the programme you pick with exercise tutorials for every exercise we use. 
  •  Programmes built with every goal in mind, suitable for home workouts, home gyms, hotel gyms or fully equipped training facilities.
  •  Comprehensive workshops on technique and form to ensure you always have a guide on hand. 
Regular Value: £135
  •  Build a flexibility & mobility schedule specifically tailored for your exact needs. 
  •  Use our quick & easy mobility screening to assess exactly what does and doesn't need work. 
  •  Follow along with a selection of quick and easy flexibility routines to manage injury risk, pain and tightness. 
  •  Quick and effective warm ups to be used before your training sessions with zero equipment. 
Regular Value: £135
Member's Portal
  • Access to a vast curriculum of content, lessons and downloads. 
  •  Only available to member's of our Protocol. 
  •  Get the answer to any question you have about any area of health, diet or training. 
  •  Accessible anytime from 
Regular Value: £197
  •  A weekly framework and rhythm to help you stay on track. 
  •  Regular notifications to ensure that you always know when a new module is released. 
  •  Access to our exclusive support group. 
  •  Weekly live Q&A sessions to answer any questions you may have.
Regular Value: £199
Bonus: 28 Day Shred
  •  Access to our rapid fat loss plan - the 28 Day Shred. 
  •  Use this to boost your fat loss, start a diet or stay lean in a muscle building phase. 
  •  Follow a simple plan for 28 days and drop 3-5% bodyweight in only 4 weeks. 
  •  FREE when you sign up to the PropaneProtocol.
Regular Value: £97
A Simple System For Nutrition & Training The Fits Around The Busiest Schedules.
What's Included In the Protocol? 

Nutrition Program & Meal Planner 

We give you everything you need to get a successful result with your nutrition plan, moving towards an initial result and your overall goal. We guide you through meal planning, tracking and give you access to a tracking tool to log everything. 

Training Plan For Home & Gym

No matter how advanced you are or aren't, we have a training plan suited to you. Whether you have access to a full gym set up or you want to just stay at home, we have something that will get you results. 

Daily Videos & Lesson 

Every exercise and concept we use in the program will be explained in detail inside out membership portal. You will have full access to this for the 30 days. 

Accountability Group Support 

Access the entire coaching team 24/7 inside our coaching support group. In here you can stay accountable to the other members, access custom content, recieve technique critique and share ideas. 

Weekly Live Q&A Call 

Every week we hold a live call inside the coaching group. Here we cover any more detailed questions that have arisen over the past week and deliver additional bonus training. 
Choose A Plan & Set Up Your Free Account
Standard Membership
Free for 7 days then £19.97/ month
  • PropaneProtocol Training Plans
  • PropaneProtocol Nutrition Plans 
  • PropaneProtocol Flexibility Plan 
  • Member's Portal Access
  • Meal Planning Tools & Recipe Guide
  • Progress Tracker & Calorie Calculator
  • Support Group & Weekly Q&A
6 month pass 
Free for 7 days then £99 every 6 months
  • All the features of the standard plan
  • 6 months for the price of 5
12 month pass 
Free for 7 days then £180year
  • All the features of the standard plan
  • 12 months for the price of 10
*By joining you agree to the terms at Specifically, you agree not to share your login details with others or pass on any details without our permission.
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Frequently Asked Questions 
If it's free, why do you need my card details?
The purpose of the 7 day trial is to give those who are considering joining a chance to join the programme risk free. It is not designed to simply give away our programmes and advice away for free to those that are not serious. Put simply, the credit card details are so that we know you're serious about this. If you do not wish to continue, you can cancel your account with one button inside the member's area and not be billed. 
I'm in my 50s, will this still work for me?
In short, absolutely! This is possibly the most common question we recieve. Our programs are built with all ages in mind and customised exactly to your needs. Jo, one of our coaches, has hit multiple records in powerlifting at 51 and balances a flexible diet and training schedule around her family and social life. There are no cookie cutter solutions here, we provide you with exactly what you need for your goals and abilities, giving you the support you need along the way. 
I'm new to training, will this still work for me?
In short, yes! We've built multiple versions of the program that are appropriate for all skill levels and can be used by those who are new to training or those who have been training for years. We offer weekly coaching with this experience so that you'll never be left wondering what to do or how something works. 
I have an injury, can you help? 
We've worked with nearly every possible obstacle with our online clients at this point. As long as you're willing to follow the coaching instructions we can adapt the program around injuries, travel, holidays and a hectic lifestyle. In fact, that's what we excel at! 
What happens after the 7 days? 
After the 7 days your access will continue with the rate you choose above. There is no contract or minimum term and you can cancel at any time from inside the member's area. 
What if I don't get any results? 
We have a simple policy regarding this. If you can show us that you've taken action on the advise and coaching instruction, followed our guidance and taken part in the coaching but STILL haven't seen anything by way of results, we'll issue you a full refund for your investment. We're very confident that if you follow the program, you'll get results you're proud of in 6 weeks. 
How many hours per week will I need to do this?
All of the training and diet commitments are flexibile and adaptable to you, so we can mould them into 10 minute sessions 2x per week id that's what is need to fit your schedule. To engage with the content, there's a short video to watch 4-5 days of each week (typically less than 15 minutes) and you'll need some time to have your initial coaching call. As long as you check in every week (less than 10 minutes) you'll be able to get results with the program. 
Do I need a gym membership?
Nope! While we'd still suggest you get to a gym if possible, we have options for bodyweight training sessions, home gym adaptations and cardio programs if that's what is easier for you. We're very flexible! 
How does the program work?
We deliver the program through four means. Firstly, during your time on the Protocol, you'll have access to our online member's area which includes access to all the materials, guides and tutorials you need. Secondly, we communicate with you and the other members via a private Facebook group, this includes a weekly live call and exclusive content. Thirdly, we collaborate one on one with you over a tracking tool. This is where you fill in your nutritional and training information for us to review, your coach will then adjust and update this weekly. Fourthly, during the 6 weeks you two coaching calls with us over the phone or Skype.